What We Did

To increase their brand awareness and customer engagement, we built Pasture One a sleek website that highlights their beef from it’s first moo to it’s last sizzle.

Grass Fed Greatness

Great meat starts as happy cows. Offering 100% free-range, grass-fed, and hormone-free beef, Pasture One keeps their cows and their customers healthy. Grass-fed meat has a lower impact on the environment, is packed with vitamins and if Pastures One’s customers are to be believed; is downright delicious.

Digitizing the Farm

Steaks were high designing a website for a company leading an agricultural revolution. We worked to highlight their unwavering devotion to environmental sustainability and delectable meat. Through curated information on their farming practices and flavorsome beef, we built a platform that informs and delights customers.

Responsive Design Meats

Responsible Farming

We designed a modern, forward-looking website fitting of a company leading social change. Comprehensive WordPress development; including creating graphic elements, writing memorable copy, and building a responsive user interface, brought Pasture One’s vision to life across devices.

"Sprout Labs went above and beyond. They made the process fun and we even used them for another brand in our portfolio!"

Sylvia Tang  /  Marketing Manager  /  Pasture One