What We Did

Short for High Intensity Interval Painting, Hiip Hype is a new kind of mind body workout. They needed a fresh new Shopify website to convey their take on a full-body workout with the ability for visitors to book classes.

Sweat It Out, Brush It Off

Hiip Hype expands the mind and strengthens the body. Based on the tried and true ‘High-Intensity Interval Training’ workout method, Hiip Hype is the fastest way to burn calories and build creativity. In every 90 minute class, Hiip Hype’s owner, Sayco, has attendees go through a rigorous (but fun) workout while expressing themselves through painting. They even get to take their canvas home as a memento!

Product Positioning

Branding something truly unique is more than coming up with a few taglines, it means sweating it out with the client to make sure you’re painting the right picture. Do you see what we did there? For Hiip Hype, fitness is an art, and well-being goes beyond muscle mass and vitamins. To build a brand worthy of this vision we focused our positioning and design strategy around the euphoric feeling that comes from rapidly switching between creative and physical exertion.

Creative Hustle

With tight copy and an intuitive user experience, we built a site that translates Sayco’s charisma into conversions. We made it easy for customers to sign up for classes and established multi-channel touch points to keep customers engaged before and after their workout.

Get Hype!