Client Goals

Fempower Beauty was founded Alexis Androulakis, the gal that helped make Drew Barrymore’s Flower makeup line into what it is today. Alexis and her co-founder Christina watched the rise of the matte lip and saw an opportunity to formulate a line of lipsticks that delivered a matte finish sans dryness. Fempower Beauty’s trademarked line of Virtumatte lipsticks are everything. For every lipstick purchased on their website a donation is made.

What We Did

Like most startups, Fempower Beauty had a vision but they also had a budget. We kicked things off by recommending alternatives to bespoke functionality which delivered 95% of the original requirements at 1/3 the cost. Alanna Walsh of Vol. 28 provided the designs which we translated into a responsive Shopify website full of memorable CSS animations, this gave the design an added layer of delightful engagement. Functionality included custom donation experiences and user generated content.

"The Lustre team humanized the entire web application development process every step of the way, making the entire experience as comprehensive and understandable as possible! It was a dream come true, to collaborate so closely, and have an amazing coach in our corner, cheering us on, easing our worries, and tirelessly working to make all our website dreams come to fruition. Lauren led every phone call and was extremely knowledgeable. She was able to guide us through best practices for our business and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her optimistic disposition and responsiveness really made this process better than Fempower every thought possible. Whether you have dreams big or small, Lustre will make them happen with a smile-and one of the most organized Google Drive's we have ever seen!"

Alexis Androulakis /  Founder  /  Fempower Beauty