What We Did

Auster had everything going for them when we embarked on our work together, they simply wanted to pick up the pace. After refining their positioning, clarifying their website copy, crafting their digital marketing strategy and producing conversion minded digital content - things sort of took off.

Meet Auster

Auster curates and sells premium tobacco free e-liquids. High purity standards and exceptional flavor profiles distinguish Auster's limited selection from their competitors’. Through the sale of individual bottles and premium themed box sets, Auster delivers an unforgettable vaping experience.

Digital Polish

We worked with Auster to determine the most effective digital channels for their brand and how to activate within them. We clarified their messaging in a way that connected with vapers like no other brand was. Then we combined a bit of front-end pizazz and back-end wizardry which allowed us to to grow their social media followers, website traffic and sales.

The Word Got Out

Once we gained traction, it was all about scaling. We built an affiliate program that rewards influencers for sharing their love for quality e-liquid. On the distributer side, we created an easy way for retailers to request access to wholesaler pricing and order with ease.

All About The Analytics

With growth comes the need for solid analytics to ensure the best return on investment. We use a combination of fancy-pants bi-weekly reports and multi-channel optimization tweaks to turn data into actionable improvements.


Increase in traffic


Increase in social media engagement


Increase in sales

No smoke and mirrors here. Just results.

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