What We Did

Caffé Unimatic has perfected coffee. Period. So naturally they needed an exceptional digital presence to match. That's why we brewed up a Shopify website that showcases their products and inspiring story - which is definitely one for the books.

Finders Keepers

Elisabeth Cardiello started the business after finding her late father’s cache of rare Unimatic coffee percolators, imported from Italy in the 1960s. Inspired by her late father’s passion for quality coffee, she set out to keep the Cardiello family's tradition alive for years to come. Through the sale of limited edition percolators and exceptionally sourced, locally roasted beans, Caffè Unimatic delivers nothing less than a perfect cup of coffee.

Turning Story into Strategy

We took the time to understand Caffè Unimatic’s history, sip their extraordinary coffee and work to beautifully and effectively tell their story. In order to make their web presence stand out in the crowded premium coffee market, we centered the conversation around their truly unique Unimatic percolator and the handcrafted tradition behind their coffees.

Recurring Coffee

One of the keys to the perfect cup of coffee is always having your favorite beans on-hand; to ensure this for Caffè Unimatic’s customers, we created a subscription model so that buyers always have a supply of freshly roasted coffee.

A great cup of coffee shouldn’t be enjoyed alone, so we created incentives for customers to share their love across social media, and reward them when their friends make a purchase.

“Just hire them. The team at Sprout Labs is so talented that you will find ways to continue working with them!”

Elisabeth Cardiello  /  CEO  / Caffè Unimatic